asset management
Land is a complex asset. It takes a multi-faceted approach that only years of experience can teach. Our decades of experience focused solely on the land asset class has taught us the valuable lessons required to successfully manage land development projects through all phases—from capitalization to penultimate lot sellout. We can manage it all—because we have done it all.

Following the capitalization of a land transaction, our asset management capabilities add tremendous value across the entire land development process:

  1. Design & Entitlements
    • It takes a balance of vision, marketing savvy and economic sense to guide a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to arrive at a project design that maximizes yield but remains flexible enough to meet the changing conditions of the market. And guiding that design through the pitfalls of the local political process is not easy. A steady hand with the maturity to understand motivations and points of common ground is key to maximizing the design yield while achieving entitlement success in any jurisdiction.

  2. Construction Management
    • Establishing trusting relationships, identifying potential budget risks, and containing costs through vendor management is crucial to delivering a project on time and on budget.

  3. Financial Management
    • Monitoring financial performance and accurately projecting cash flow requirements is an important component to deliver upon projected financial benchmarks. In addition, our financial creativity and structuring expertise pays dividends throughout the project life cycle as we continuously seek the best mechanisms and financial structures to maximize our investors’ return on capital.

  4. Marketing
    • In a highly competitive market, new projects require a unique value proposition and a smartly executed marketing strategy. We have tremendous experience at crafting the vision of a new place, setting the marketing strategy, selecting the right marketing partners, and executing a comprehensive tactical marketing program that includes digital channels, social media, traditional media, collateral, and signage.

  5. Lot Sales
    • Understanding the right timing, the right price, and the right structure of a land disposition deal is a function of experience, acumen and a clear understanding of the marketplace. We constantly assess the microeconomic and macroeconomic market environment, viewing these changing dynamics through the lens of our past experience, to determine the best timing to pursue dispositions of our land assets. We then leverage our extensive relationships, built on trust over a time, with homebuilders and other purchasers of land assets to structure and consummate the most advantageous deals possible.