Finding, developing, and marketing the right land asset takes creative vision but transforming the land into a viable project takes capital. Underwriting land assets to attract capital is complex and wrought with risk. We employ a disciplined approach to the transaction process that leverages our decades of experience and is focused on mitigating risk and maximizing return. Our thorough due diligence identifies key risks and opportunities that translate to our asset valuation models, the appropriate transaction structure, and negotiation of price and definitive agreements.

While we have refined our transaction process over the course of time and through significant experience, we understand that no two transactions are alike. As a result, we maintain flexibility in our approach to balance all parties’ objectives to craft exceptional deals.

Over the years we have leveraged our knowledge, creativity and relationships to successfully capitalize the most challenging land assets with a variety of capital structures including:

Terra Causa has partnered with a large institutional investor to create a Colorado focused development and infrastructure fund. Our program provides early-stage development capital to developers and builders that have a funding need of at least $5mm. Our funding criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Projects must be located within the state of Colorado
  • All entitlements must be completed
  • A Metropolitan District must be approved and be active
  • Non-recourse debt structure
  • Requires a first deed of trust on all lots located within the metropolitan district
  • Maximum five year term

For more information about our development and infrastructure-funding program, contact Creig at